Monday, July 11, 2011

The MagicJack Phone

MagicJack phone is an internet phone service that comes in the size of a matchbox and will allow you to make free long distance phone calls through your computer. MagicJack phone is a highly affordable VoIP phone system that you can purchase for $39.95 plus your first full year of internet phone service.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Four strong Reasons That MagicJack Phone is Perfect For Today's Economy

MagicJack Phone is easy to setup

Ease of Setup - The MagicJack Phone is extremely easy to setup and get going. Withdraw it from the package; plug it into an open USB port, the preloaded software within the appliance will load to your computer monitor. Registering your Magic Jack is a simple step by step process at which you will be asked to give an address for the 911 emergency services and choose a phone number and area code. The unit I tested took me less than five minutes to register.

MagicJack Phone is user friendly

Ease of Use - The MagicJack Phone is a terrifically user friendly device. When you are finished with registration your soft phone will load to your computer screen. The soft phone stays minimized to the menu bar at the bottom of your computer monitor until a call comes in. There are many other features on the soft phone you will discover once you have a chance to look it over.

MagicJack Phone is all you need to get started

No special equipment or phones are needed to use the MagicJack phone. You can either use headphones and a microphone and make calls straight from your computer or simply plug your phone or phone base into the back of the MagicJack as you did with your standard wall mount. In some cases with older computers you will need to buy a self powered USB hub to create enough power to use a phone base with mutable phones, but this is uncommon nowadays. Any standard analog phone will work fine.

MagicJack phone is very affordable

Unmatchable price tag – The best part of all which makes the MagicJack phone the perfect VoIP choice is that there are no monthly charges for their service. When you purchase MagicJack Internet Phone for the first time it cost $39.95 for the unit and first full year of service. When your first year is up any additional years of service is only $19.95 for a single year renewal or $69.95 for multi five year deal at even more savings.

Thats four pretty good reasons that MagicJack phone is gaining on the leading VoIP services such as Vonage and Skype.

Magic Jack stepped in during a period when people needed help making ends meet and brought us a product that works, for a price that most anyone can surely afford. I listed only four reasons why MagicJack Phone is a good choice but believe me there are a lot more.